About Us

At its core, ManlyCamp is a brand for people looking to accomplish more…

Started way back in 2016 by our founder Drew, it has evolved over the years from a simple outdoor hiking & camping company into a movement with a much broader mission, help people “Do Epic Shit”.

We often think of our military members as being invincible. They spend years training, deploying to war, conducting missions, and making themselves the meanest, baddest mother f*ckers on earth.

As rough and challenging as it can be, when you are in the military life makes a lot of sense.

You have a clearly defined mission, and you know exactly what you should be doing. The top brass defines the mission, and you execute it. And you have a tribe of elite co-workers that share the same mission.  

However, when you get out of the military, what’s your next mission?

Where are the people that you can connect with that have the same drive to succeed that you do?

This is where a HUGE number of veterans struggle.

Including our founder Drew…

There's a huge feeling of isolation for our veterans. 

Who can you connect with? Who's going to drive you to success?

Pretty sure that Steve from work doesn’t get it…

What you have to understand is that no one is going to define your life for you.

YOU have to do this. No one else will.

And you have to be extremely intentional about it.

This is where ManlyCamp comes in... our entire mission is to help you do epic shit.

We are dedicated to helping you figure out what you want, and providing content, products, and services to help you achieve it.  

We know that you want more than an average life….

Now go “DO EPIC SHIT”.

Drew C. - Founder/CEO