Why Trail Running is the Best Sh*t Ever

I absolutely love trail running. It is the best, here are the 5 reasons why trail running is better than heading to the gym:

1. It’s Free:

Minus a few bucks you might spend on some good trail running shoes, a nice headlamp, a cool water bottle, or an annual parking pass at your favorite trail – trail running is pretty much the cheapest form of exercise you can do.

Now, you can get pretty crazy with trail running if you want to and get all geared out. But at it’s core, all you really need is a pair of running shoes and a water bottle.

 Compare that to monthly gym memberships, CrossFit Boxes, and other forms of exercise, and trail running is significantly less.  

2. Running Hills will Make you Sexy:

If you’re looking to build both your cardio and muscle density, trail running does both. Running up hills is one of the best exercises ever to both blast your lungs and blast your leg muscles.

It’s a great way to get in shape, lose weight, and build muscle. And if you’re looking to decrease your run times on flat surfaces (i.e. for a marathon), trail running has shown to significantly decrease your time.

3. The Scenery is Amazing:

Let’s face it… running long distances on a road is plain boring. Stop sign, stop sign, house, stop sign… that’s about it.

In contrast, trail running can offer some of the best scenery around.

One of my favorite things to do is to start my trail run in the dark with my headlamp and making it to the summit of a mountain just in time to see the sunrise.

4. It’s Peaceful:

When you’re hitting up the gym or running on the road, you’re going to be around people… gross.

However, with trail running, you are often out in the middle of nowhere on your own.

Trail running can be extremely peaceful, and it is my go to when I’ve had a rough day. Just getting outside and getting in a good workout by myself gives me time to think and reflect.

I’ve always found that some of my most peaceful times are at the top of a mountain after a really hard trail run.

5. Trail Running Keeps you Engaged:

Unlike running on the road, with trail running you have to be engaged in thought the entire time that you are running.

If you’re not paying attention, you will easily trip on a rock or a root; and that will cut your trail run short.

You always have to be paying attention to your route, planning each and every step as you go through your run. This lets you totally take your mind off anything stressful in your life, and just focus on your run.

So, for the 5 above reasons (and a ton not listed), trail running is the best sh*t ever, and is one of the best ways to exercise out there.

 See you out on the trail. 

Drew Camp 
ManlyCamp Founder/CEO 


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